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Mix Match

Being ​an American man married to a well educated African woman who is still stuck in her African ideologies does come with its comedic and dramatic consequences.

MIX MATCH is a new series based on the lives of the members of a biracial family living in New York City.


Michael Smith (Andrew Herrera) is an American man married to Barbara (Stella Damasus), a Nigerian woman who is highly educated but stuck in her African values and ideologies. Together, they raise their two children, Karen (14) and Patrick (10) in New York City.


We experience the issues they face as a biracial couple in New York and see their hilarious, dramatic and sometimes outrageous conflict resolution methods.

Michael and Barbara represent the lives of numerous families living across the United States and also immigrants all over the world. MIX MATCH is finally a breath of fresh air for Online Entertainment.

MIX MATCH was created and produced by multiple Award winning director DANIEL ADEMINOKAN & multiple award winning actress STELLA DAMASUS.

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