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Get Out Of Your Own Way!

When I joined the movie business, we had a guy who was always around us then at Winnis and Tobe Restaurant (If you know these places, you've been in the Nigerian movie industry long enough) and always loved to talk big about his ideas and the kinds of films he wanted to star in, produce and direct. I was intrigued by

his depth, intelligence, eloquence and creativity, so we clicked on that level. He was a crew member and an occasional actor but he had been in the game much longer than myself. We shared many ideas and, as a newbie, I was really excited to have this brilliant mind in my corner.

After a while, I realized that we were sitting around discussing the same things in different terms for several months. We discussed, but never really got around to doing anything of our own. He just talked the talk and couldn't 'grow a pair' to walk the walk! At some point I realized that I could not just sit around and discuss anymore. So, I shared my honest opinion and cut him lose. 1 month later, I produced my very first film 'COLD HEARTS' staring EMEKA IKE, SOLA SOBOWALE, DESMOND ELLIOTT and BIMBO OSHIN (PLEASE DON'T GO HUNTING FOR THIS FILM. I'M BEGGING YOU! LOL). Walking the line and making the effort to JUMP was a life changing and career defining move for me as a filmmaker.

Many years later, I stumbled into this dude and nothing has changed. He is still as intelligent as ever but still stuck with his big ideas that never seem to take off from the ground but he is always ready to discuss them for hours. Painful thing is, they are GREAT IDEAS.

A lot of times, WE ARE OUR PROBLEM. We sit around analyzing every detail because we are so intelligent and want to calculate every single move. We want to discuss it and plan forever. Don't get me wrong, planning is key. I am a stickler for plans and a back-up for the plan. But you have to know when to stop talking and get that project started. Get it going. I have failed at certain things because I was TALKING instead of JUST DOING and either couldn't get out of my own way, or I surrounded myself with people who just enjoyed hearing the sound of their own voices instead of tasting the sweat rolling across their lips from working hard.

What is that great idea you have been discussing? Stop talking. Start doing. I am guilty of this on different levels as well so I am going to stop writing this piece now so I can get off my butt to start DOING something about my next project.

Before I get myself outta here, I would recommend a great book for you by TYRESE GIBSON titled HOW TO GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY. Read it and thank me later.

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