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This Is Why You Have Not Succeeded.

Daniel "DaBishop" Ademinokan Directing the Music Video JAA GI MAA

A couple of years ago, we recorded the song JAA GI MMA for Stella Damasus, and I really wanted to shoot a very elegant music video that was a contrast to the traditional African language she recorded the song in. So, we set out to scout for locations in Atlanta. I knew I was working with a very limited budget but somehow, I set my heart on things way above my budget. We agreed on what we wanted. So, Stella and I took to the internet and found this gorgeous property in Auburn, Georgia. When I looked at the pictures, my first thought was, "There's no way on earth this place can be within our budget". But we didn't pass on it. We called, scheduled an appointment and went to see it.

'JAA GI MMA' by Stella Damasus

The Carl House was just breathtaking and yes, beyond our budget but we asked, said what we wanted and what we could offer. The owner of the place, BB Webb, not only gave us what we wanted, she hooked us up with her friend Jose who was an EMMY Award winning cinematographer and within 24 hours, he came on board as my cinematographer which brought some cool value to the production. Over the years, I've gone on to shoot a documentary for the property, as contracted by the owner and I shot some amazing scenes there for my feature film BETWEEN. It all started with the simple act of reaching out; not allowing the limitations of my budget become the limitations of my dreams and ideas. Reality check - You won't succeed in life unless you are connected to the right people. And those who enable you succeed won't always come to you; usually you must go to them. Why do you think there's a newspaper machine in every corner in the United States and a soft drink machine on almost every hotel floor? Success won't come knocking on the door, you've got to go and find it. Jesus did not set up throne in the middle of each town and say, "This is the only place you can meet with me." No, he went to the marketplace, to the boats of fishermen, to the synagogue, to the homes of people. "He went through the towns preaching the gospel, and healing everywhere" (Luke 9:6). What is keeping you from reaching out to others? Rejection? Until your dream becomes more important than your fear of rejection, you will never succeed. Successful people fear rejection too; the difference is that they believe their goals are worth it. What is more important to you? The people laughing at your big dreams, ideas, message of salvation, new business innovation, or, the lives that will be transformed for good when your ideas and messages finally manifest and attain full potential and potency? Rejection will come but you MUST place your dreams above it and you will be just fine.

Daniel Ademinokan - Reach Out

There are two kinds of people in your life; Those who already know you have something they need and those who don't know yet. So, start a "people list". I bet you, those who don't know are probably more. How will they know if you don't reach out in love? Out by blowing your horn and being arrogant, but reaching out in love, friendship, kindness and selflessness. The law of relationship states that every person is four people away from the person they need. This simply means that you know Daniel, who knows Femi, who knows Juan, who knows Steve that can hook you up with the best T-Shirt designs you can imagine. You are always networked. Some of us have sat in rooms with people who could have changed our lives forever but we missed out on the chance because of our inabilities to reach out. Maybe a simple smile and 'Hello' could have changed your life forever. Follow the dots and you'll get to your destiny. Success always begins somewhere, at some moment, with someone. The secret is, you must reach out and never be afraid or ashamed to hear NO. You may hear 'NO' a dozen times but one 'YES' can immediately cancel and nullify every pain felt from a million NOs. Some of us sit down with the mentality of entitlement. We are waiting for things to be handed to us because we feel entitled. Yes God has given us Dominion but He also said, PURSUE, OVERTAKE and POSSESS YOUR POSSESSION. So I urge you today, stand up, step out and reach out. Have a grace-filled week ahead.

Stella Damasus - JAA GI MMA

BETWEEN - Official Teaser

The Carl House History

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