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We Are Colorblind

COLOR BLIND is a campaign I started to lend my voice in the fight against racism, politically induced violence, hate crimes, religious clashes, ethnic violence and discrimination.


I believe there is a need for all humans, regardless of their origin or beliefs, to co-exist as one. We should not base our judgements or decisions on the color of a person's skin, instead by the content of their character...just as the great Martin Luther King stated.


We gathered people from different races, cultures, colors and religions together in New York City and filmed this campaign.

This is the first of many campaigns and spots that I will do to promote equality across the board. My team and I are committed to ensuring that peace is achieved no matter what the opposing factors are.

I want to show my deep appreciation to Patrick Direna, director and founder of DIGITA FILM ACADEMY in New York, for his support during the shoot and for making his facility available for us to work.


Also, the several talented people that came out to lend their voice, face, time and support.


Visit the official COLOR BLIND CAMPAIGN website:

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