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When Is It Enough

WHEN IS IT ENOUGH is a film based on true events. It highlights the ills of domestic violence against women. I wrote and directed the movie in 2012 based on an article written my Nigerian movie icon Stella Damasus.


For so many years, Stella Damasus has fought for the rights of women and children in Nigeria and Africa as a continent. As an ambassador for PROJECT ALERT, she has helped to rescue and seek justice for women who have been victims of domestic violence and various forms of abuse.


When I read her article WHEN IS IT ENOUGH, I could relate with it clearly because I grew up in a home with a family that had love, but also had a father who could not control his temper. I witnessed his brutality towards my mother and that is why this story struck a chord in my heart.


In 2012, I decided to make it into a film and I hope it opens people's eyes to see beyond what they already know about Domestic Violence.


It is not just an African problem. It is a global problem.


WHEN IS IT ENOUGH was produced by my humble self and Stella Damasus for INDEX TWO STUDIOS, LLC.

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